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Car on a country roadThe objective

The objective of Fleets2Train is to provide driver training for the employees of your business.

Fleet Training is becoming a necessity for at lest two reasons:

1, The Corporate Manslaughter Act of 2007 came into force in April 2008. This means that any work related driving fatality comes back on the employer. If they cannot provide evidence of assessment and /or training for their staff it will result in serious repercussions for the company.

2, The cost of fuel has risen greatly and continually since 2008. Training in eco-driving can reduce your fuel bill by 10-15%. See the section on SaFED.

Additionally Driving styles have changed since many of your drivers passed their L test and they will inevitably have picked up bad and unsafe driving habits. On top of that roads are becoming busier and an environment that is less forgiving.


Businesses lose around five billion pounds every year due to accidents involving commercial and company vehicles.

Country-wide value

In Britain 65% of Company Vehicles are involved in an accident every year" ROSPA.

Safeguard your company's record of accidents by learning more about Fleet Training.